Who we are?

About us

Our company has been working on web pages for 15 years now. 15 years ago i made my first web page as a hobby.

My first success was in 2004 when a friend of mine asked my help. His website was not appeared in google search, he could not make any profit with it. I worked on the site for three months then his site was on the top of the Google search results.

In 2009 one of my acquaintance contacted with me about his idea of a customer club network. It was called Napihami my first MLM software. Since then i worked on several softwares with different and unique commission plans. Sadly most of them closed by now due to lack of resources like products or opposites in the managements. On the other hand, there are some products which are evolving both financially and in terms of numbers.

Since my first MLM software i have an opportunity to get to know a lots of different ideas, commission plans and different management structures. Some of them were good and some of them had their mistakes. By now based on my experience i have big experience in stumbling blocks. Due to my knowledge we can help you solve your problems or we can answer your questions.

As i mentioned before i worked on my projects on my own but two years ago my son joined me and we are working together now as a family business. He has been working a web developer for 5 years. He has other experienced than me that makes us a perfect team.

We have more than 10 years of experience in MLM, Affiliate and Back-office systems. We realized that a lot of people have unique and promising ideas but the lack of resources these ideas sometimes does not come true. This is the reason why we are trying to help you to find the best construction for your plans and make your idea real.

Have a nice day,
Zoltán Majnik